Plone Vs Drupal Vs *

Python is a religion at BYGSoft. We love everything about it -period. Given that, we naturally propose Plone to anyone who wants us to develop a CMS based App.

Normally our clients don’t challenge our technology proposals. This one case I had the client ask me, Plone? Python? isn’t that going to be expensive to maintain? Why not PHP? I knew exactly where he was coming from.

Naturally there is varied opinion – esp on the Internet almost like vi vs emacs – and no prizes for guessing what we like at BYGSoft.

I am not sure what convinced the clients, but we believe that the best answer out there and the one we concur with is

“irrespective of the language or the framework or any other tool – the solution is only going to be as good as the people mean it to be”.

If you have a talented bunch of programmers it does not matter – you will still get a good solution out.

Anyone who is familiar with Solaris or AIX internals will tell you that long long before C++ took center stage as an OOD platform, they had all the OOD covered in C – in the kernel.


One Comment to “Plone Vs Drupal Vs *”

  1. We still have a few Plone projects running in maintenance mode. Mostly on the 3.X stack.

    In the long run it will be interesting to see what will happen to server based solutions in general (like plone, drupal etc) – with the advent, and if I may say so, a reasonably decent adoption of cloud computing. So, if you are shortlisting any CMS … see if the road map promises any cloud support.

    Imagine Plone on the cloud – GAE or on Amazon?

    BUT – my gut feel says that Drupal would have a slight edge over Plone in migrating to cloud sooner.

    It has been a few months since the new Plone (version 4) was released. We are yet to use Plone 4 in any of our Live projects.

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